Targeting Toxic Environments
A recent study finds antagonistic behavior persisting in the workplace, with 20 percent of employees saying they've been subjected to a hostile or threatening social environment at work in the past year. What can HR do to curb this conduct?
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HR Technology

In Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant, SAP SuccessFactors inched ahead of Workday in the vision category. While naturally some protested, a full-day briefing with 10 executives on Aug. 1 at company headquarters and the company's SuccessConnect user conference four weeks later showed why that came to pass.

Talent Management

It's almost taken for granted that most companies have diversity policies and training programs. But it's not clear that employees understand why companies have them or how they work.

Inside HR Tech

Following up on last year's exciting "Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company" competition at the HR Technology® Conference, the eight nominees for 2017 include startups and newly emerging HR tech solution providers looking to make a digital difference in how HR works.

HR Leadership

HRE's HR Leadership columnist shares some final thoughts and advice to professionals looking to advance their careers in the field, including a call to be proud of HR's role within an organization.
When Trust Matters Jul 31, 2017


Company values and the impact they have on the business seem to be constantly in the news these days, from Uber's bad-boy Travis Kalanick to Starbuck's compassionate Executive Chairman (and former CEO) Howard Schultz. HR leaders should consider revisiting their organization's value statement and making it a guiding principle for their employee-benefits design.
Bring Change to Mind Jul 25, 2017

Legal Clinic

Question: An employee recently left our firm and we have reason to believe he took client lists with him. His employment agreement says that he is not supposed to take any confidential information from the firm when he leaves. But confidential information is not precisely defined in our agreement. Are names and addresses, such as those found on client lists, generally considered confidential information or not?
Engagement's Silent Killers
Here are four engagement killers that employees most often complain about, and what HR can do to fix them.
How to Identify Future Leaders
Organizations are being challenged to identify the internal leaders who will best navigate in an age of uncertainty and disruption.
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