A Metric
Other Than Time
Companies are looking at factors other than time-to-fill when measuring recruitment's effectiveness.
Comment Period Begins for OT Rule
The Department of Labor is expected to publish today in the Federal Register its anticipated Request for Information on its overtime rule.
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Mental-health issues are a leading cause of employee health, productivity and absence issues. Employers are often the first line of assistance in helping workers and their dependents receive the care they need.

HR Technology

Koch Industries (Yes, those famous brothers from politics) has paid $2.5 billion (yes, a "b") to buy 49 percent of Infor, the hard-charging ERP vendor. Koch got four of nine board seats and plans to roll out Infor CloudSuite HCM to its 130,000 employees in 10 companies in 60 countries. Lawson (remember them?) is officially reborn in Infor!

Talent Management

Seattle's recent minimum-wage hike created some unexpected -- and unintended -- consequences, according to new research from the University of Washington.
The End of Overtime? May 16, 2017

HR Leadership

The time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50 percent over the past 20 years, according to new research. But what do we know about the effectiveness of all this additional time spent working together?
A Cry for Help Jun 7, 2017

Inside HR Tech

HR and benefits leaders are getting smarter and more thoughtful about how wellness or well-being programs can have a high impact in driving desired people and business outcomes.
Coming Attractions May 9, 2017

Legal Clinic

Question: We are pulling our hair out with all of the different sick-time laws around the country popping up. Some say four days, some say five days, some say 40 hours, yet all have different rates of accrual, different rules on rollover and many have different definitions of covered absences. What should we do about this? We have employees in multiple states and it seems like every other day there's a new law and we have to re-draft our handbook. Is there any way to simplify all of this and still be in compliance?
4 Ways HR Can Accomplish More with Less
Here are four technology-related best practices that HR teams should keep in mind as they seek to accomplish more with less throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle.
Is Your Culture Working For or Against You?
Today's leaders face a new era of corporate reputational risk from both inside and outside their walls, making it more important than ever to articulate and embed a shared purpose and set of values that will serve as a guiding light during troubled times.
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