story feed 2017-09-19T15:17:30Z 2017-09-19T15:17:30Z Targeting Toxic Environments 2017-09-19T09:18:47Z 2017-09-19T09:18:47Z By Mark McGraw A recent study finds antagonistic behavior persisting in the workplace, with 20 percent of employees saying they've been subjected to a hostile or threatening social environment at work in the past year. What can HR do to curb this conduct? 2017-09-19T09:18:47Z Bringing Predictability to Scheduling 2017-09-18T09:22:41Z 2017-09-18T09:22:41Z By Julie Cook Ramirez Seeking to protect workers from unpredictable scheduling practices, Oregon becomes the first state to pass "fair workweek" legislation. Critics of the law say government-mandated solutions "ignore the realities" of what it takes to run a business. 2017-09-18T09:22:41Z OSHA's Reporting Reduction 2017-09-14T08:39:49Z 2017-09-14T08:39:49Z By Carol Patton What effect will the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recently announced reduction in the reporting of workplace fatalities have on safety efforts for employees? 2017-09-14T08:39:49Z Engagement's Silent Killers 2017-09-13T13:20:20Z 2017-09-13T13:20:20Z By Dan Harris Here are four engagement killers that employees most often complain about, and what HR can do to fix them. 2017-09-13T13:20:20Z What's Considered Confidential? 2017-09-12T11:20:41Z 2017-09-12T11:20:41Z Question: An employee recently left our firm and we have reason to believe he took client lists with him. His employment agreement says that he is not supposed to take any confidential information from the firm when he leaves. But confidential information is not precisely defined in our agreement. Are names and addresses, such as those found on client lists, generally considered confidential information or not? 2017-09-12T11:20:41Z SAP SuccessFactors Tops Workday -- In One Part of Gartner's Report 2017-09-12T11:20:41Z 2017-09-12T11:20:41Z In Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant, SAP SuccessFactors inched ahead of Workday in the vision category. While naturally some protested, a full-day briefing with 10 executives on Aug. 1 at company headquarters and the company's SuccessConnect user conference four weeks later showed why that came to pass. 2017-09-12T11:20:41Z Taking It on the Road 2017-09-06T10:28:30Z 2017-09-06T10:28:30Z 2017-09-06T10:28:30Z Lauren Laitman 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Senior Vice President of People Tapad 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Products & Services 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Compiled by Mark McGraw 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z AFL-CIO: What It Really Is 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Q&A on HR Technology 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z By Rae Shanahan, Chief Strategy Officer, Businessolver 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Q&A on HR Technology 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z By Craig Rubino, Director, E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services Inc. 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Pay Drops for HR's Elite 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z By David Shadovitz After two years of double-digit growth, the average annual compensation for HR's top earners took a step backward in 2016. 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Q&A on HR Technology 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z By Trish Stromberg, Chief Marketing Officer, iSolved Human Capital Management 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Melinda Wolfe 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Global Head of Human Resources Gerson Lehrman Group Inc. 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Ron Leonhardt 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Director of Global Human Resources Zinpro Corp. 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Further Reflections on HR and Fake News 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z It's Time to Take Salary History Off the Table 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Turnover Turnaround 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z By Julie Cook Ramirez Deep in the throes of a rigorous battle against turnover, Taco Bell employs the power of analytics to help reshape its people strategies. 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Barry Melnkovic 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer United States Steel Corp. 2017-09-06T10:05:29Z