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The ABCs of ETFs
While exchange-traded fund assets have been growing in popularity among individual investors, employers have been slow to include them in retirement-plan offerings. Here's what plan fiduciaries need to know before adding them as an option for employees.
Seeking FMLA Assistance
With a new study finding that more employers are opting to outsource FMLA management, experts offer HR leaders advice on what to consider before looking outside for help with handling leave requests.
Fiduciary Rule in Limbo?
Experts weigh in on the likelihood of a repeal or delay of the new fiduciary rule under a Trump administration -- and what it means for employers.
The Retirement Revolution
New federal rules open the door to state-sponsored retirement plans. How will they affect traditional employer-sponsored plans?
Reaching Retirement Readiness
Research and surveys find many employees are woefully unprepared for retirement. Why should HR be worried about employees' financial well-being, and what can it do to help them put aside the funds that will lead to a comfortable retirement?
Preparing for a Retirement-Plan Audit
A new survey finds one in three employers had their retirement plans audited by either the Department of Labor or the Internal Revenue Service in the past two years. Experts discuss ways to survive an investigation.
The Millennial Career Marathon
There's been a lot of talk about how millennials look at the workplace differently than the generations that preceded them. But when it comes to their post-employment prospects, Gen Y workers apparently share the view of many of their more experienced colleagues.
Decoding DOL's Final Fiduciary Rule
Now that the Department of Labor has unveiled its long-awaited fiduciary rule, experts discuss the impact it will have on HR organizations going forward.
A Female Focus on Retirement
Women face an uphill climb when it comes to saving for retirement. How can employers help them become retirement-ready?
The New Landscape for Company Stock
In light of a recent Supreme Court ruling on retirement-plan oversight, here are three suggestions to help organizations manage the issues related to overseeing a company stock fund in its defined-contribution plan.
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Benefits Column

Company values and the impact they have on the business seem to be constantly in the news these days, from Uber's bad-boy Travis Kalanick to Starbuck's compassionate Executive Chairman (and former CEO) Howard Schultz. HR leaders should consider revisiting their organization's value statement and making it a guiding principle for their employee-benefits design.
Bring Change to Mind Jul 25, 2017