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Degrees of HR Analytics
American University has now joined the ranks of colleges and universities offering advanced degrees in HR analytics, but experts differ on their overall value.
The Future of Mobile Work
When a virtual digital assistant is embedded in vehicles of the future, HR issues such as safety, liability, work/life balance and others will be part of this brave new world of expanded car-based office productivity.
Harnessing Human Networks
In keynote speech at the HR Tech conference in Chicago, investor Barry Libert urged HR leaders to harness the power of human networks.
Survey: HR Tech Helps Smaller Firms Excel
The 2016-17 Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey shows how evolving technology is helping organizations reach goals that match their corporate cultures.
Riding the Wave of Change
New technology purports to bring great change to a surprising number of fields, including law, medicine and financial services. What will be the human toll and net effect on the economy? Has the United States reached an epoch of irreversible job loss?
Choosing an HR Software Partner
Over the past five years, more than $4.5 billion has been invested in HR software companies, and the size of the market is estimated to reach $9.2 billion by 2020. Here's a guide to help you choose the right HR software partner for your organization's needs.
A Banner Year for HR Tech
Sierra-Cedar's latest HR Systems Survey suggests 2015 has been an exciting year of record HR-tech spending plans, core purchases in the cloud and investments in new innovations.
Coming (Back) to America
While the concept of offshoring processes to lower-cost areas of the world was all the rage just a few short years ago, experts say that factors such as a narrowing wage gap and automation are now causing companies to "re-shore" their operations.
Innovating Beyond Outsourcing
Next-generation technologies will gain popularity by responding to a workforce that is more distributed, independent and less affiliated with a single employer. The outcome is that, through "worksourcing," both employees and employers will be more empowered than ever before.
Innovations in Mobile Learning
Having an effective mobile learning strategy does not include simply repurposing existing content, say experts.
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Koch Industries (Yes, those famous brothers from politics) has paid $2.5 billion (yes, a "b") to buy 49 percent of Infor, the hard-charging ERP vendor. Koch got four of nine board seats and plans to roll out Infor CloudSuite HCM to its 130,000 employees in 10 companies in 60 countries. Lawson (remember them?) is officially reborn in Infor!